Client Testimonials

The comments below were made by my clients.  To maintain their privacy, only their initials are shown.

Disclaimer:   A testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Dear Genny,
I am writing to let you know that [xxx] has finally received the proceeds from her daughter's bank accounts, worth about a total of $20,000. This never could have happened without your skill and knowledge, provided at a very reasonable fee. Thank you so much for helping this woman who is really all alone in the world.
All the best,  P (Outside of CA attorney)

Thank you.   I appreciate all your advice and expert counsel in getting [xxxx]'s probate completed in such short order. - TM

I appreciate that you provide estate planning information in easy-to-understand language, and I liked your personable and friendly demeanor.   I will advise my friends and colleagues how professional and pleasant you are to work with - also that you are patient and clearly explain complex legal issues. - JP

I like your relaxed style, and I wouldn’t want you to change anything about your service. I will refer friends to you. - LA

I appreciated your thoroughness and organization. - SV

I appreciate your simple explanations. I was very happy with the service I received and will be happy to refer friends. - SC

Thank you very much for all of your help!   My brother and sister and I really enjoyed working with you and we feel lucky that we found you out of all the possible probate attorneys we could've gone with! - MH

You are prompt and answer questions (even twice !) and have a no-nonsense but warm approach.  You made a difficult thing a bit easier.   I appreciated your expertise and personality.   Thank you for your willingness to send the documents to my niece. - AS

Thank you for all your help Genny.   My Mom is at peace knowing that her trust is in order.   The stress that she felt has gone and she is upbeat and happy which makes me happy as well.   Thanks again for everything!  - KF

We really enjoyed working with you and were very impressed with your responsiveness and your willingness to talk us through the various trust provisions.   We especially appreciated how organized you were and the huge help it was that you had all of the forms for changing our accounts to the trust ready to sign.   We will certainly be recommending you to our friends and colleagues.   Thank you for everything.   It has been an absolute pleasure and we look forward to staying in touch. - NM

You were very courteous and made it easy for me to understand everything.   You are professional and easy to talk to.  - JLM

You were responsive to all my questions.  You really did a great job working through estate laws to get the best options.  You gave fantastic individual guidance and time.   Thank you ! - KK

We liked your promptness, efficience, and competence. We have referred your services to several people. Thank you for your service. - AIB

We like your direct approach, your openness to questions, that your meetings were efficient but not rushed, and that your services included moving our assets into the trust. - DMM

I appreciated your promptness, your availability, and professionalism. I am very happy all over with your services. - MRM

I liked your ability to explain all of the documents you prepared. As an attorney you are more my style - you cut to the chase. Thanks for all your help with mom and [son]. -  JH

Ms. Wall has been of great assistance in competently preparing our family trusts and assisting with all matters pertaining to the recent death of my mother in law.  She is the best example of the professionalism and care for clients who characterizes a great attorney and counselor.- LN

Dear Genny,  On behalf of our family, I want to take a moment to thank you for your time, patience, expertise and especially your kindness while helping us manage the affairs necessary after our Mother's passing.   You may remember commenting that we all seem to get along and how rare that was in your experience.   Fortunately, we can appreciate what our parents had worked hard to be able to pass on to us.   Having someone of your expertise to help guide us, made it all the easier!   Thank you again.   May you continue to enjoy personal happiness and professional success.   Best regards. - MB

Thanks so much for your expert work!  I’m glad [my niece] got to meet you, and I think she will be in good hands when the time comes - thanks so much.- JO

I liked meeting person-to-person with Ms. Wall.  Your services were better than other firms I have used in the past, and I would be comfortable referring friends and family to you. - PP

I like your attention to details, your willingness to answer any and all questions, always getting copies of materials needed, and that you allowed plenty of time to explain over and over if needed.  Keep up the good work! - RG

You are easy to talk to - relaxed and friendly, and I would refer friends and colleagues to you.  Thanks!- SH

You were obviously well prepared with the facts of our previous business as well as the parts relating to our current business.  I was well satisfied with your clarifications and answers to my questions during our recent discussions.  You approach your work with a businesslike yet friendly manner, and handle your professional obligations with thoroughness and dispatch.  Thank you!- MH

I like the way you get everything done in a timely manner - and the trust I feel working with you.  I appreciate how trustworthy you are and I would refer friends to you.  [My daughter] will use your services if she needs an attorney. - DM

I liked how you helped me understand the process, and your fees are reasonable.  You are better than other lawyers I have had contact with, and I have referred people to you. - BM

I like your explanations on any question no matter how small.   I think you are great just the way you are, and I wouldn't change anything that you do.   Thanks for always taking my calls. - MW

You are thorough and pleasant and your fees are reasonable. I am pleased with your services and I have already referred clients to you. - WP

Genny - you are easy to work with on the phone, email & in person. I respect and admire you. I have recommended you to friends and will continue to recommend you. Thanks for your help with my folks and me. - LE

You explained all of the items in the Trust to me - your work was very well done - great caring and thoughtfulness. - NS

I liked everything about your service, and I would highly recommend you. - EW

You are efficient and prompt, very capable and friendly. - SW

I liked all parts of your service and can’t think of anything I would want to see you do differently. I would be happy to refer friends to you! - EL

Everything about your service was professional. - HP

We were glad to see you again. You are a down to earth person - very easy to understand and you knew our needs. You know your stuff, and I will refer friends to you. - PD

I’m very happy with the way you explain everything. - AK

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