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Five Myths About Retirement – It's Likely to Cost More Than You Think It Will

Wall Street Journal – May 24, 2014 It’s not all golf and grandchildren. Many people spend years planning for retirement and think they have it all figured out, until they actually retire. Here are a few areas where retirees don’t know as much as they think they do. READ MORE HERE

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Eight Common Myths About Alzheimer's Disease – May 24, 2013 Dementia is not a normal part of aging. Here are some myths about Alzheimer’s disease. READ MORE HERE

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Legal Mistakes That Haunt After Death: Three Cases – May 13, 2014 “While still alive, both my father and father-in-law asked me for legal help because they did not see the point to paying for an attorney. One wanted me to give him “will forms” that he could fill in for his last will and testament. The other, a non-practicing attorney, wanted Read More

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Hello world!

Welcome to the official blog of . We will begin posting on this blog shortly, so please check back regularly for updates about the firm, notable cases and more.

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5 Tips Before You Leave Your Kids an Inheritance – May 12, 2014 If you are a parent who worries about what your wealth will do to your children, you are not alone. Many clients want to leave money to their kids, but they are concerned that their children are ill-equipped to handle sudden wealth.  Some worry that by providing too much money Read More

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Estate planning for your eighteen year old: what you need to do now may surprise you

Lexology – May 13, 2014 If your child is turning 18, you may find yourself wondering where the time went.  Their estate planning needs are probably the last thing on your mind (or theirs) as they prepare to enter adulthood.  In fact, if you’re like most parents, you’re probably mentally preparing yourself to drop them Read More

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A Financial Planning Guide For Expectant And New Moms  May 3, 2014 …. “here are some key things that every expectant mother, especially first-time moms, should be thinking about from a personal financial planning standpoint: …. “**Wills, Trusts and Estate planning – Everyone who has or is expecting a child should have a will. No exceptions. The same goes for having a trust Read More

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Medicare Patients Are First Casualty In Emerging Healthcare Revenue Battles   April 27, 2014 Whatever else you may need financially after age 65 ‒ as a patient, you will likely need a special Medicare calculator that includes a timer. Turns out that how patients are technically admitted to a hospital ‒ and how many “midnights” they stay ‒ both play a critical role in what Read More

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