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Beware: Your Estate May Contain an Unnecessary Bypass Trust

6/1/16 From ElderLawAnswers.   A once-popular estate planning tool may now cost families more in taxes than it saves.   Changes in the estate tax have made the “bypass trust” a less appealing option for many families.    If your estate plan includes one, you should reconsider its necessity because it could be doing more… Read More »

5 Estate Planning Documents Clients Must Have

8/11/15 –  A “simple” estate plan doesn’t just include a Will.   If you don’t want, or think you don’t need, an estate plan based upon a Trust, you should have at least these 5 documents in your estate plan.  READ MORE HERE.

Keep Your Estate Plan Updated – 5 Important Things to Review with your Attorney

8/4/15 – from “Financial Planning” – So that you can keep your estate plan up to date, there are 5 important questions you should review with your estate planning lawyer every year.   Read the article at this link:  5 Questions.

Mandatory Reporting Requirements For Financial Elder Abuse

3/26/15 – Mandatory Reporting Requirements for Financial Elder Abuse From the Los Angeles County Bar magazine October 2007 – perhaps old, but still timely. In an effort to combat financial abuse, California law requires individuals in certain positions, who are known as mandated reporters, to report incidents that reasonably appear to constitute elder or dependent adult abuse.  … Read More »

The Importance of a Written Relatives’ “Caregiver” Contract

1/12/15 – From Elder Law Answers A growing number of people are entering caregiver contracts with their family members.  These contracts, also called personal service or personal care agreements, have many benefits, including rewarding the family member for indispensable help.  But some fail to memorialize these caregiving arrangements in writing and instead keep them as informal… Read More »

5 Financial Documents Every 20-something Should Have

12-4-14 from Financial-Planning.com “Most young adults don’t think about wills and estate planning are things they need to be concerned about — at least for now. Yet all adults, no matter their age, should have some type of estate plan. Young adults likely do not need anything complex; just a solid foundation that can be… Read More »

Title Insurance Can Be an Issue For Transfers of Real Property to a Trust

You should check your policy of Title Insurance for your real property before you transfer the property to a Trust. To transfer real property to a trust, the client executes a grant deed, frequently called a “quitclaim deed” or a “trust transfer deed,” to himself, herself, or (in the case of a couple) themselves as… Read More »

What’s Almost as Certain as Death? Not Talking About the Inheritance

NY Times.com – August 1, 2014 “IF there is a boogeyman when it comes to family conversations about inheritance, it is not death. That happens whether people talk about financial plans or not. It’s the $40 trillion that financial advisers say their baby boomer clients are going to pass to their children either in an orderly way… Read More »

Social Security: What professional women need to know

Investment News – August 7, 2014 “The right claiming strategy can significantly increase lifetime benefits.   When Social Security was created in 1935, the typical American family had a working husband, a stay-at-home wife and a houseful of kids. Today, 40% of mothers are either the sole or primary source of income for their families… Read More »

Tax Trick – When to Start Social Security

Financial-Planning.com   August 5, 2014 “Most seniors claim Social Security at age 66 or earlier but they don’t have to do so. “I typically recommend that clients wait until age 70 to take benefits,” says Mark Lumia, CEO of TrueWealth Group in Lady Lake, Fla. The obvious reason to wait is an 8% annual increase… Read More »

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